My will is great.
But I am stuck.

I grapple every sentence. I trip every third word.

Every sentence fights for glory—to glow, to shine, resplendent—
Demanding my attention and devotion,
Demanding structure, thoughtful and balanced,
Demanding originality of content, and wit of expression.
Every sentence, demanding to be memorable, bold, and brave
—becoming in its brevity…
…yet captivating in its complexity of thought!

But after every round I tire more, and
…I am stuck…

with nothing to show for all the strife,
all these ass-cramping hours,
slogging by on latte after latte,
willing my hands to craft a… something…
a something!!

Stop the fumbling, deleting, retyping,
—the stalling, the stalling, the STALLING!!!—

and. build. a. something—!

Months, I have endeavored with the single, simple goal:
to write a blog.
Just a single, simple blog— But months pass and I have still

—no blog.

Something inside me is reluctant.
How it drags behind every word, every thought!
Its rigid claws rake deep trenches trailing behind me—with wretched persistence—
Evidence of a desperate cowardice!
Maddeningly unwilling to venture forth!!

I am stuck!

I’ve had it with this silliness. This Wretchedness.

My first post to this blog will be:

a Declaration to embrace
Imperfection, the
Incomplete, the
Not-Masterly, even the
Banal, Cliché, Incompetent, even the
Embarrassingly Redundant and Irrelevant! but…

at least things will be written—Built!—

and not stymied, stuck in perpetual rumination, which, however earnest,
renders sentences useless, and ambition is left
to rot in its own staunch stench of delusion—

delusions of conceit and self-importance
DELUSIONS of perfection!!

And FEAR— fear of mediocrity.

So here you go:

This is my first post.
This is my Declaration of Imperfection.

And it is Imperfect.

Delightfully, Rebelliously, Characteristically,
Run-on-sentences-fully, & OverRUN-by-Adverbs-&-Adjectives-ly,



. . . . . . . . . . . . perfect!

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