How I miss Paris today…..!

November 14, 2014

Exactly one year ago today, I arrived in Paris, insecure about my French, but so eager to try it out! I ran into a handsome stranger at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, and we navigated our way through the baffling République Metro station together with our luggage—nearly losing it all to a pair of scrawny, scrappy teenage thieves.

When we finally emerged from the underground, I got my first ever glimpse of Paris—the imposing Madeleine standing high, on that rainy, steely-grey morning.
We circled once around her, and then ordered cakes for breakfast at Ladurée.

And so started a seven month long, meandering voyage across seven countries. I walked three pairs of high heeled boots into a fine powdery polymer dust, ground in between the cobblestones. I broke two dance shoes and one red suitcase. I scribbled madly away aboard planes, buses, trains, a heaping mess of disorganized, barely decipherable addresses, maps, fleeting impressions, revelations, and declarations. My dreams, rants, ambitions. And along the way, I’ve created thousands of blurry, awful photos with poor composition—and even worse lighting.

Exactly one year ago today…

How I miss Paris today…. how I miss Paris today……!!!
Nothing I can do to console myself today…
So much the better. Don’t want distraction.
I’ll prefer, instead, to watch the memories waft and rise.. envelop me today.

I’ll just close my eyes.

I can see it all.


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